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IAPCO 2023 will have an amazing program, that aims to revolutionize the standards of the meeting industry and create an impact.

Get a glance on what our annual meeting will focus on:

  • Developing new talents, preserving the knowledge – How to recruit, build & manage  a diverse and innovative team in terms of mentality and generational orientation
  • The next generation of conferences – Learn about the next generation of conference organizers and pass on the legacy of the seniors
  • The future of events in a technological world – What is the future holds for the events industry and how it will evolve with upcoming new and innovative technologies
  • Sustainable events – The importance of incorporating sustainability programs in the event and how to make a positive impact
  • Turning vision into reality – Hear from start-ups who have developed an innovative dream into a successful business
  • Catching opportunities – Positive thinking and ambition as a gamechanger
  • Hackathon on events and sustainability
Click here to view the program at a glance

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