Getting Around Jerusalem

Getting Around Jerusalem

Here are all your options to get around Jerusalem easily:

Fast Train

From the airport, you can take the train which is only about 20 min. ride and costs 5 EURO. Its final stop is right at the light rail stop which can take you to the city center, another 10 min ride.

Light Rail and Bus

Public transportation in Jerusalem consists of a network of buses and a light rail system that connects one end of the city to the other. A single fare on the light rail is 2 EUR, and a 10-ride pass (a smart card known as a Rav Kav) is 12 EUR. Tickets must be purchased at the light rail stops before you board and cannot be purchased on the trams themselves. Trams arrive every 7 minutes at peak hours and every 15 minutes off-peak.

Car Rental

There are many car rental agencies in Jerusalem. Note that the entrance to Jerusalem and areas in the center of the city have heavy traffic in the morning and late afternoon rush hours.


Taxis in Jerusalem are ubiquitous and should cost no more than about 10 EUR for a ride within the city limits. Taxis to the airport cost approximately 80-100 EUR (with an added 10 EUR for a large amount of luggage). You may ask for a receipt at the end of the ride. Note that there is a surcharge of 1 EUR when ordering taxis by phone. Taxi ordering apps such as Uber and GetTaxi operate in the city.

By Foot

Walking is the best way to experience the city and enjoy all its beauty. Visitors can stroll through the city center easily, and a walk to the Old City from downtown should take no more than 20 minutes.

Intercity Travel

Israel’s small size makes it easy to get around, and a one-day trip from Jerusalem to another city is entirely possible. Tel Aviv is a 45-minute bus ride or 50-minute car ride away, and well worth visiting. Nazareth is a 1.40-hour drive, and the Dead Sea can be reached in less than 40 minutes.

**Please note that public transport does not operate during the Sabbath. If you are travelling during either of the Saturdays on either side of the congress please plan ahead. Taxis and Ubers are available. Intercity transportation starts to operate after the Sabbath. Please check train times here to plan your journey for after the Sabbath ends.

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